Yea! I'm a published author now!
For anyone who was on-board three summers ago when I'd started my original angel-superhero story, I'm happy to say Book 1 of the series is now published on  So if anybody is into stories with really hot superhero-type angels, a bit of romance, some kick-butt fight scenes, and of course falling angels (plenty of falling going on with my fallen angels here :-) here's your story.  I could sure use some 'likes' on Facebook and some honest reviews!

Here's the link to the ebook on

Sword of the Gods:  The Chosen One

Happy Birthday Shelly Stark!
Happy birthday, Shelly!  May ficlets rain down from heaven into your mind and flow easily to the keyboard!

WIP Meme (lifted from Spockside and other fine writers)
I saw this nifty meme on Spocksides page and figured, 'why not?' I didn't think I had 10 irons in the fire clamoring for my attention but, lo and behold, I do! Need to finish writing. Need to do a first edit. Need to do a second edit. Need to do a final edit. Need to convert to kindle. Need to submit to a second writing contest coming up. Need to update and burn a gazillion CD’s for my next seminar! Oompf! Thanks, Spockside, for reminding of all the stuff I don’t have enough hours in the day to do!

Post the first sentence (or three) from every WIP you're currently working on, even if it's very short. Then invite people to ask questions about your WIPs. With any luck, the motivation to take that WIP one step closer to completion will appear as if by magic!

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Amazon Breakthrough Novel Award Contest
Anybody out there got a completed novel they're hoping to publish? The Amazon Breakthrough Novel Award is now open and accepting applications for one of their 5000 slots in two categories, General Fiction and Young Adult Fiction. It's free to enter and if you win, you get a publishing deal with a $15,000 advance.

Judging is done in several tiers. The first one, you write a 300 page 'pitch' for your book. They read through them and disqualify 80% of them. The second tier they read your first chapter or two (5000 words) and narrow it down to 250 each category. Then they read your entire book and pick 3 semi-finalists. The winner wings a $15,000 advance on royalties and gets their book published by Penguin Books.

I submitted Book 1 of my 6-book fantasy series 'Sword of the Gods.' Why not? If you make it to the third stage, you get some editorial feedback about your writing from a real editor or agent to improve your craft. If you are one of the three finalists, most of them end up with some sort of book deal as well (just not as much as the 'mid-level advance' the grand prize winner will get).

Don't take my explanation of the rules as gospel ... I'm summarizing. If you want more info, go to

Oh ... and if anyone ones to repost this or get their own info for their friends ... go right ahead.

Happy publishing! And don't delay ... once they hit 5000 applications ... or February 5th ... whichever comes first ... the contest closes.

Iron Man lookalike at ARISIA
Unfortunately Iron Man's costume is hard for a fan to replicate (can't just run all that armor through the sewing machine). But some clever fan at the ARISIA science fiction/fantasy writers conference did a nice job of replicating RDJ's 'workshop' attire from the IM1 mech-tech scenes right down to a credible looking arc reactor glowing peacefully from under the shirt. Kid was cute, too. Looked enough like RDJ to be a temptation for those of you who might be single. Unfortunately ... he also looked to be around 16 years old. That would rule out many who peruse the IM fanverse :-)

On a lighter note, I got to Batman who WAS in credible looking armor. Oh ... and take a lightsabre fencing lesson with a Sith Lord (or more accurately, Sith Lady ... a very well-costumed Sith Lady). Gotta get me one of those (the lightsabre ... not the Sith Lady ... not that I have anything against Sith Ladies ... it's just that this year I made a point of not making the amateur blunder of stumbling into the Robert Heinlin Polyamory/BDSM classes because that's not my persuasion!)

Writer's Block: The Walking Dead
In case of an impending zombie apocalypse, what would be your weapon of choice, and why?
It would be a toss-up between my new katana and my pair of martial-arts sais. The katana is a great offensive weapon, but if you know how to use the sais you can block most offensive moves with another primitive weapon. Including the katana. Then there is the fact I've been using my sais for nearly two years now, whereas I -just- got my katana in November and only know three moves well.

In the end, zombies are slow and stupid and probably won't be using any weapon any more sophisticated than a club or stick. The only way to kill a zombie is to decapitate it. Not simply stab it in the heart. Therefore, I would choose the katana and hope I finish mastering the use of it before I have my eyeballs eaten and the brains sucked out of my head. :-O

Writer's Block: Career paths
If you could have any job in the world, what would it be?
Tax attorney. Because everybody hates the IRS.

Writer's Block: B.Y.O.B. Holidays
What is your must-see holiday movie? One random answer will win a $50 Amazon gift card. [Details here]
It's a Wonderful Life. Every Christmas Eve. Like clockwork. We've worn out 3 VHS tapes before we finally upgraded to DVD.

Writer's Block: Tearjerkers
Which movie always makes you cry?
City of Angels. It makes me blubber every time.

Writer's Block: Occupy Wall-et
We have a mortgage because Read more...Collapse )


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